Battery Service for Your Toyota Corolla in Indiana

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To keep you moving each day on the road, your Toyota Corolla requires thousands of parts to effectively work together. Maintaining these components and replacing them when necessary is important for driving safely. At Tom Wood Toyota, our team will work with you to perform necessary service at recommended intervals. Learn about the impact your battery has and the maintenance it requires.


Role of Car Batteries

Small but mighty, your car battery is one of the most essential parts in your car. It converts chemical energy to electrical for starting your Toyota Corolla and provides the electricity that your radio, air conditioning, and other electrical systems need to function. Without your battery, your car will not run so it is key to stay up-to-date with Toyota service and take action against warning signs of a dying battery.

While it is estimated that you will need to change your battery every three to five years, this number varies greatly due to several different factors. The extreme cold that we experience in Whitestown, IN may feel brutal to us, but it’s exposure to high temperatures that are worse for your car battery. Other factors that can shorten the lifespan of your battery include leaving your lights on or loose battery connections.


Battery Maintenance

Extend the life of Toyota cars with the proper care they require. When you visit us, our technicians will ensure that your battery’s fluid level is where it needs to be and that there is no visible damage to the battery itself. The team will also check that all cables are properly fastened and make sure it’s charged up.

If you smell an egg-like aroma, find that you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, or your check engine light is illuminated, make your way to Tom Wood Toyota right away. It is likely that you’ll need a new battery or some other major repair.

Our dealership serves Indianapolis, Avon, and surrounding communities. We hope to see you soon for expert care!
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