Toyota Oil Changes Near Whitestown, IN

Toyota Oil Change Near Whitestown, IN

As a vehicle owner, you will have quite a few responsibilities to keep track of, including oil changes. Every engine needs oil to keep running, and yet oil doesn't last forever. It is up to the car's owner to change out broken down, contaminated oil for brand new oil.


Regular Oil Changes

Engine oil serves several functions, but it lubricates the engine parts to prevent friction from developing. The engine has many moving parts that need to run smoothly, and it is up to the oil to make sure that happens. The oil works to cool, seal, and clean the moving parts, essentially protecting the engine from damage. Without getting a proper oil change at the necessary time, the car owner will likely have to deal with a dysfunctional engine. Engine failure can be a real hassle, especially if you need reliable transport daily.

When to Get an Oil Change

For older engines, it is customary to get an oil change every 3,000 miles driven. However, newer engines can last over 5,000 miles or more. Some vehicles can even go up to 15,000 miles without an oil change. It is recommended that you look up your vehicle's engine and its requirements for an oil change. For example, a diesel vehicle oil change may be different from a gas-powered oil change.

Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil has its advantages over conventional oil. Namely, it can resist oil breakdown, and it can withstand hot or cold temperatures much more effectively. Synthetic oil also has fewer emissions, and it creates a quicker engine start time. However, synthetic oil tends to be more expensive than conventional oil. You can combine the best of both worlds by choosing semi-synthetic oil, an option that is less expensive than synthetic oil and longer-lasting than traditional oil. Whatever oil you select, make sure it best suits your driving needs.


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Oil Change Near Whitestown, IN

Tom Wood Toyota is a performance-focused dealership located in Whitestown. Our dealership provides a wide range of services, including oil changes for the car owners of Indiana. We offer the following types of oil changes: conventional oil change, semi-synthetic oil change, full synthetic oil change, and more. Here at Tom Wood Toyota, we will use a team of experienced auto professionals to look at your vehicle's type and age before coming up with an oil treatment that meets your vehicle's specific needs. If you would like to know more about our oil change service, please contact the dealership at 855-747-8139. We'd be happy to answer any of your service-related questions.

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