Serpentine Belt Service

Toyota Serpentine Belt Inspection, Repairs, or Replacement

Your serpentine belt snakes through the engine of your car and helps a wide range of parts function properly. The serpentine belt helps the alternator, air conditioning, power steering pump and so much more. Your serpentine belt is an integral part of your car and it is under a great deal of tension. As the serpentine belt wears out you may notice a huge range of issues that make it harder and harder to drive your car.

Servicing Your Serpentine Belt

Without your serpentine belt, your car is not going to drive. The serpentine belt helps keep the alternator working that provides the spark that starts your car. It also helps to start the air conditioning, power steering pump that keeps your power steering going, and so much more. If you do have issues with your serpentine belt you should have it changed out before it goes out entirely. When the serpentine belt snaps, it can cause more damage to the interior of your engine and can blow apart your engine compartment. If you are having serpentine belt issues, it is always best to make sure you are changing out the belt before it has the chance to cause more damage.

What Happens if You Delay Serpentine Belt Service?

Delaying this type of service can result in the serpentine belt going out entirely which means that it might blow apart while you are driving and cause more damage, it might go out and you cannot start your car, your air might go out, your power steering might go out and you may not be able to drive at all. It is always best to get your serpentine belt changed before it has the chance to go out entirely so that it does not cause more damage and so that all the parts of your car keep working properly.

Toyota Serpentine Belt Service

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Tom Wood Toyota offers a complimentary car wash with every service, they have a fantastic team of factory-trained and highly certified technicians, and they also offer transportation and rental cars if you do have to leave your car for service. They also have a state of the art service center for repairs and collision work as well as maintenance work. They also offer great services to get your car back out on the road faster.


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Dealership Amenities

  • Complimentary Car Wash
  • State-of-the-art Certified Collision Facility Repairs, all makes and models - Collision Center in Indianapolis
  • Certified & Factory-trained Technicians
  • Transportation & Rental Vehicles Available
  • Early Bird Service
  • Supports American Cancer Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Indianapolis Zoo, St. Mary's Child Center, Best Buddies Indiana, and many more
Tom Wood Amenities
Tom Wood Amenities

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